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Beewi logo


For nearly 10 years, BeeWi has been offering innovative products that

allow you to quickly and easily control everyday devices from your

smartphone or tablet. Over the past 2 years, BeeWi's offer has been

extended to offer you a complete range of Smart-home universe,

composed of a dozen references, all controllable in local mode thanks to

bluetooth or in remote mode thanks to our Gateway.




BOLUCE is already known as one of the most reputable companies

outside lighting. With emphasis on architectural lighting products and

unrivaled Italian quality.

Calex logo


CALEX, creators of ambiance!

With Calex, we put a lot of emphasis on ambiance. With over 400 types of

lamps, we have something to suit every taste. New models are constantly

being added. That’s because we are open to our customers’ wishes and

ideas, and translate these into new, appealing products. Innovation is in

our genes.






C-LUCEis one of the key market player in the technical lighting. The

range is vast from industrial bells to lights for large areas such as sports

facilities and street lights.






ELETTROCANALI is one of Europe's largest producers of electrical








ENERGETIC is one of the largest manufacturers of energy saving

bulbs (CFLi) and LED. A key characteristics is their R & D department

which continuously innovates with new products offering high quality and

giving a guarantee to consumer 4 years warranty on the energy

saving bulbs  and 6 years warranty on the lamps LED.







EXENIA is an Italian brand which is the actual joy of the architect and

interior designer.  Exenia is a company which mainly deals with

architectural and decorative lighting ght and simple lines. H Exenia follow

the trends using the latest colors pallets on their products in impeccable

Glossy paint (lacquer). It has a wide range of luminaires which are

suitable for use both in the hotels, restaurants, shops as well as in

residential spaces. Enjoy it ...


Fabbian logo


All Fabbian lights are not just mere lamps, but actual design objects. The

attention put in place for the development of each item, ensures that all

details are carefully taken into consideration. Indeed, thanks to the

collaboration with renowned designers and architects, each lamp has its

own distinctive look. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to

private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner

who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.




FARO is a fairly large lighting company based in Barcelona. It has a

great range of products from lighting exterior to interior lighting.

Moreover,  FARO is well know for its range of fans, which is the largest in

Europe and the only one with 15 years warranty for the motor of the fan!

Ferroluce logo


Ferroluce company, specialized in the production of lamps, was born in

1982 as a result of the determination of valter and miriam, who wanted to

preserve and transmit the italian craftsmanship excellency. The products

are the result of the love and respect for the tradition and the materials:

simplicity, antique values, the flavor of a passed time which still belongs to

us and which we wish to perpetuate by recreating a unique atmosphere of

style and elegance in every home. The production is performed exclusively

in italy and each item is a union of the harmony of shapes and the

constant research of new chromatic alchemies; each item is distinguished

from the monotony of products made in series with its own unique

personality. This is why ferroluce caters to the most demanding clients who

are not only looking for the right solution regarding classical furnishing, but

above all want to find a company which is competent and able to

personalize every item in its form, size, decorations, and colors.

GEA LUCE is a well established Italian lighting company. Its range varies

from technical to decorative lighting focusing on providing the best value

for money luminaires!
Giarnieri logo


It is our desire to make illumination contemporary, technological and

stylish, because we live in the present and wish to enjoy its every moment.

We are convinced that lighting design is also essential if we want to live our

times to the full. For this reason we create systems that make exclusive

use of LEDs, the illumination system most up-to-date, ecological, best

performing and flexible of all, featuring design that expresses modernity

and youth and is practical and original. Confident of our know-how in the

field of illumination, stemming from over ten years’ experience in the

trade, nowadays we create Italian products launched into the future that

make use of new technologies to employ light to the utmost of its

functional and aesthetic potential.
Hind Rabbi logo


Born in 1973, HIND RABII holds an industrial engineering degree from

the Institut Supérieur Industriel in Verviers, Belgium And so, with this her

technical expertise and a passion for fashion and creativity, it seemed

obvious that Hind would be drawn towards a career in design!

It was while researching lighting for her own home that the designer Hind

Rabii decided to commission some lighting pieces which met her standards

of excellence, refinement and luxury. The company which bears her name

was established in 1997, with the simple aim of offering top-of-the-range

Belgian-made lighting to a discerning clientele.





IDEAL LUX is based in Italy and it is is an emerging company

known for its decorative lighting having large collection of ceiling, wall

and floor lighting fixtures. The quality is controlled according to the

Italian standards and its prices are affordable!

Innermost logo


With our instinctive desire to rebel from the norm, Innermost utilise

materials and processes in unique ways to defy expectation. Our adept

experience of manufacturing allows us to repurpose conventional

approaches. Notably, we explore our passion for light and how illumination

can be used as a raw material.




H INVERLIGHT is an Italian lighting company which specializes in the

production of stainless steel lighting fixtures fro exterior use (stainless

steel /inox AISI 316L).




IVELA is one of the biggest Italian manufacturers on the architectural

and professional lighting. The production is fully automated and its

products are designed by well known architects such as: Bruno

Gecchelin, Enrico Bona, Elisa Nobile, MomoDesign, etc.




LAVAI is an old family company based on the island of Murano in Venice,

with a long tradition on thehand-blown glasschandeliers. Its competitive

advantage is their ''custom made''chandeliers.

Kopp germany logo


Since 1927, the Heinrich Kopp GmbH with headquarters in Kahl am Main

manufactures switch ranges, electronics and electrical installation material

“Made in Germany”. In german speaking countries Kopp is one of the

leading manufacturers of electrical installation products.

All switches and sockets from Kopp have a common denominator: Best

quality Made in Germany. Therefore we grant a quality guarantee for the

components over 20 years.


Kundalini logo



A company that speaks a universal yet extremely recognisable language.

Its unconventional spirit has always merged the subtle poetry of shape to

maximum functionality and handiness, moulding the finest materials

through cutting-edge processes.

Every Kundalini product is the fruit of a strong concept and tells the story of

a specific creative and technological journey. All are consistent with the

corporate philosophy that has always combined an unconventional

approach and the search for new aesthetics with a deep knowledge of

materials and technologies.

The rich and varied collection of Kundalini lamps, always in the making, is

the fruit of the collaborative effort of designers and architects of

international renown, but also emerging talents who share and enhance the

company’s mission.





MAKEL is of the most famous producers of electrical material with

reliable and certified materials. It has a wide range of material which

extends from switches to IP rated switches fpr external use.





NOBILE ILUMINAZIONE is an Italian company based in Rome

specializing in interior and architectural lighting (recessed spotlights,

plaster spots). Nobile has a great expertise in the external lighting

with deep knowledge in public lighting.






ROSA is one of the largest manufacturers of street & city lighting. It uses

a special technique in both columns and the lights so they are resistant to

UV rays, salt and generally in bad weather conditions prevailing in the

South . The columns are made ​​of-remains of galvanized steel and coated

with polyurethane and heat-stable resin. The way that those products are

produced  that makes this product unchanged to weather and time,

providing an important warranty.





Siru logo


SIRU rediscovers the production of chandeliers by the master glass

craftsmen of Murano, blends modern and classic styles and designing new

lamps and classic Venetian lanterns: blown glass that takes shape inside

a metal structure. Siru takes care of the elegance of the lines, the effects

of light without neglecting the technology of any lighting project. It is also

able to create custom chandeliers on the design for customers and lamps

for hotels and shops, both for interiors and exteriors.

Tom Rossau signature logo


Lamp designer TOM ROSSAU lives in the world of light. With light his

pasion lies. It is about the game between ideas and materials, about the

simple mae into the most beautiful, and about being allowed to be a little

naive! Since 2004 he designs and produces of lightings made of wood

veneers and a variety of other materials. He and his co-workers work on a

700 large area in the centre of Copenhagen, where he has both his

workshop, offices and flagship store. Tom Rossau's lightings are sold all

over Europe and in the world through high end retailers, as well as often

specified both in residential and hospitality projects.





The brand UNIVERSE entrenched for over a decade in the Greek

market is synonymous with high quality and cutting-edge technology.

Universe's widespread range varies from energy saving bulbs (LED and

Eco Halogen) to LED lighting fixtures and electric appliances .

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